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Renewable Energies

Since 2008 we have been developing energy converters for renewable energies. These are for example generator control systems with active rectifiers in the kW range.

A 3-phase grid inverter with 10 kW for small wind turbines followed and has been being produced since 2011. For this device a special grid-feed-in-technology was developed, which enables a dynamic and enormous active- and idle-power controlling. In this context the technology for mains monitoring after VDE-AR-N 4150 (2011) has been developed.

The development of the grid feed-in converter was promoted by the Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein and the EU.

Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH was sponsored as part of the “Zukunftsprogramm Wirtschaft (ZPW)” (= future programm economy) of the Land Schleswig-Holstein in the field of action “Innovationen in Betrieben” (innovation in enterprises) with expenses of the European fund for regional development (EFRE) of the European Union.

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