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Power Electronics

For us „power electronics“ is an elastic term. Starting with the development of switching power supplies and transformers for few watts right up to energy converters with 50 kW.

We control electrical drives whether asynchronous, synchronous or as brushless direct current motor (BLDC). Hereby the mechatronical integration into the surrounding system is particularly demanding.

At Reese + Thies' you find:

  • Generator controller for diesel or wind powered generators in the kW range
  • Converter for traction applications
  • DC/DC-converter in the kW range
  • PFC-power supply units for aviation up to 1 kW
  • PFC- power supply units up to 20 kW
  • Grid feed-in converter (10 kW)
  • High dynamic valve controller
  • Driver assemblies for HV IGBT power amps
  • Drive control for BLDC, PMSM, ASM

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