Skills / Industries


Whether special industrial steerings or control systems for vehicles of all kinds. The hard- and software developed by us works in places, where you do not expect it. Inconspicuously and effectively.

We transfer external signals after an appropriate reprocessing of analogue and digital inputs across the shortest possible path into a micro-controller.

The following signal processing in software will take place there. Functions and links are configured mainly parameterisable. For our control systems communication via CAN-bus (resp. CANopen), ethernet and  automotive ethernet (BRR) is a performance standard.

For microcontrollers we are familiar with:

  • Infineon XMC4000, Aurix
  • ST STM32 (F0 .. F4)

We are used to tough real-time requirements. One of our specialities is the selection of actuators. Whether contactors, engines or valves, we control and adjust all kinds of actuators.


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