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Industrial trucks

For 20 years we have been developing all kinds of control systems and power electronics for industrial trucks. Usually these are battery powered vehicles with system-voltages of 24V, up to 80V and HV-systems with 700V. Here, control by-wire systems are widely used. From the hydraulics via the drive encoder, the steering to the brake. The driver inputs go up to 50 kW. Normally CAN/CANopen is used as communication medium.

For the reduction of fuel for diesel-electrical vehicles, assemblies have been developed which are able to save energy for a short time.

By constructive measures and a lot of experience we meet the high environmental requirements in this field. Here among others, especially temperature ranges from - 40°C up to + 85°C, next to the engine up to 125°C, or the very high requirements for shock and vibration stability induced by the rough usage of the unsprung vehicles, have to be regarded.

Development in the field of:

  • Central control
  • Control displays
  • Electrical drive
  • Electrical pump drive
  • Electric controlled hydraulics
  • Electrical steering
  • Electric parking brake
  • Electronics for on-board power supply
  • Charging technology

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