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Hardware Development

Our approach in hardware development is heavily predefined by application area and quantity target. A quantity target of 100-10.000 pcs. / p.a. is generic for us.

The normal application area for our hardware is in long-life industrial products, vehicles and assemblies for extremely tough military applications. These assemblies have a lifecycle of 15 years and longer. We especially pay attention to a long-time availability of the used components.

As a general rule our hardware has to meet the highest requirements concerning temperature, shock and vibration.

Significant for most of our developments is an interaction of micro- and power electronic in a small space. This often implicates extremely complex designs with many hundreds of components. At this, electromechanics occupy an increasingly large amount. Together with our partners in mechanical construction we provide integrated solutions for this purpose.

We are familiar with current and voltage. Currents up to 200A on a board or up to 1000 A in a power amplifier are no abnormity for us. Common voltages are 12V / 24V / 48V / 80V (DC) and 230/400V (AC) with intermediate circuit voltages up to 850V DC.

We develop frequency inverters and energy converters for all voltage ranges from LV (12..80V) to HV (300..800V) with up to 50kW power.

Aspects of electromagnetic compatibility are regarded right from the start to eliminate possible surprises.

Our development is very close to the product. So a lot of times it will be our plans coming into production at the customers'. Obsolescence checks and reviews for current product lines are conducted very often.

Our tools:

Circuit + Layout
  • Altium Designer
  • Pulsonix
  • Eagle
  • Matlab/Simulink + PLECS
  • LT-Spice




InMOVE - Integrated power electronics for modularly distributed electric drives



General procedure of a hardware development:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Preliminary design
  • Component research
  • Clarifying electromechanics
  • Detailed design, simulation circuit
  • Circuit development
  • Review
  • Layout
  • Review
  • Documentation
  • Model building
  • Recorded commissioning

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